1. African Proverb ;
    24 Jan, 2016
    African Proverb ;
    Pretend you are dead and you will see who really loves you.
  2. #Shade
    23 Jan, 2016
    Throwing shade isn't ever gonna make you shine .
  3. Maya Angelou ;
    22 Jan, 2016
    Maya Angelou ;
    "You may shoot me with your words,  you may cut me with your eyes,  you  may kill me with your hatefulness,  but still, I rise I rise I RISE
  4. #LIVING ;
    21 Jan, 2016
    #LIVING ;
    I found life in everything that once killed me . For sometimes running out of breath is all that’s needed to truly learn how to breathe .
    20 Jan, 2016
    It’s me , your dream girl , in scrunched up socks and a blanket cape .
  6. I'm Learning ;
    19 Jan, 2016
    I'm Learning ;
    It’s sad to say this but everyone that’s around you is not there FOR you .. I’m learning not to dim my light due other’s darkness .
  7. Life ;
    17 Jan, 2016
    Life ;
    If you ever feel like you don’t belong in life . There is always people like you somewhere on this earth that share the same interest & passion . Find them , that’s what it took for me to feel truly free . Change is constant in life & so are my ideas and thoughts . I’m so glad to finish off this year at home with my friends and family .  Let’s live
  8. People ;
    16 Jan, 2016
    People ;
    Some people smoke ,  others drink , and others fall in love .. each one dies in a different way .
  9. #Today ;
    15 Jan, 2016
    #Today ;
    I love the sun that touches my skin every morning that keeps me warm . I love listening to birds chirp...it’s like a music to my ear . The cold air that’s trying to embrace my entire body and trying to wake me up . I love the smell of the aroma of coffee that gives me this kind of feeling of a new day . I love watching the beauty of sunrise that gives hope and happiness . I love waking up every morning and see the beauty of the world . It’s like a new chance , a new hope , a better day than
  10. I'm Not Good ;
    14 Jan, 2016
    I'm Not Good ;
    I’m not good at keeping in touch with my friends . They think I don’t care and I don’t think of them . They think i’m happy without them and I don’t need them . But that’s not true , they’re always in my mind and in my heart , I just stopped showing it to them . I used to be clingy and flood them with messages , but i’ve changed . I feel like i’ll just annoy them , and that’s why instead of starting a conversation , i’ll just wait for them to send me a message . I’ll never forget them , they’re
  11. How To Be Successful ;
    13 Jan, 2016
    How To Be Successful ;
    focus on your own shit .​
  12. To Bad ;
    12 Jan, 2016
    To Bad ;
    We never made any kind of sense .. While you found hope in the soft light that came with new mornings , I found comfort in the black blanket that enveloped us all when the sun finally said goodbye . I adored my lavander tea , while you swore that without a cup of hazelnut coffee , there was no possible way you’d survive . The devilish smirk that always seemed to dance across your lips marked you as trouble , whilst my eyes that were slightly too round gave off an impression of false innocence
  13. #Thoughts ;
    11 Jan, 2016
    #Thoughts ;
    If anything should motivate you towards success and money in this life it shouldn’t be the fancy cars or diamonds...it should be knowing it will let you dream without boundaries and act without consent .
  14. Tell Me ;
    10 Jan, 2016
    Tell Me ;
    It’s 2am and I don’t want small talk...I don’t want you to tell me something that every other girl you’ve been with knows .. I want you to speak of things that’ll make your brown eyes unable to meet my own , for fear that I’ll laugh at the words that’ll escape your lips . So tell me , tell me how you’re doing and don’t you dare respond with "fine." Tell me everything you’ve been keeping bottled up inside for far , far too long...tell me how you got the scar that runs down the length of your
  15. Preferences ;
    09 Jan, 2016
    Preferences ;
    I prefer the early mornings & the late nights because it’s a natural human meditation where your passions , soul , and thoughts are open as well as your ego is dropped . It's in these moments you can empathize on these thoughts and feelings , because when the sun comes up so does your defense
  16. I'm the Worst ;
    08 Jan, 2016
    I'm the Worst ;
    I’m the worst person to love .. I’m clingy , needy , and I would annoy you most of the time . There are times when you feel like I don’t care , and darling , trust me it will break your heart . But then , there are also times when you feel like you’re the luckiest person in this world because I love you . When you don’t see me , my memory will keep hurting you like a ghost you couldn’t live without . The thought of me keeps disturbing you . I know it shouldn’t but it will . I’m the worst
  17. That's How You Keep Her ;
    07 Jan, 2016
    That's How You Keep Her ;
    Hug her when she cries . Hold her and bring her close to your chest and let her cry .  Don’t ask her what’s wrong or how she’s doing...just rub her back and mean it . Brush out the tips of her hair and let her cry everything out . Wipe the tears away from her face and soak them into your own shirt...she just wants you to take care of her when her emotions play with her again . She wants you to be that someone who’s willing to help her hold her pain up so she doesn’t get crushed...notbecause
  18. 1am ;
    07 Jan, 2016
    1am ;
    I look strong but I’m fragmented . I’m pieces left by people who left me . I am lips bruised by kisses turned into nightmare . I am arms sore from fighting for someone not worth fighting for . I am legs lumped from trying to escape the grasp of reality that some people just don’t care . I am eyes filled with endless sorrow for crying to those who don’t even miss me . I am hands tired of helping others carry themselves . I am a heart crushed and thrown away to a place where I couldn’t fix myself
  19. Unrequited Love ;
    06 Jan, 2016
    Unrequited Love ;
    People always talk about how wonderful it feels to be in love for the first time , how passionate , but innocent it is . They even talk about how horrible it feels when that love ends , and the painful first heartbreak . And they will remind you of how you’ll always love your first love . But people never talk about your first unrequited love .. How you love that person devastatingly that they make your world spin and your eyes light up , but they never return your feelings . They never
  20. My Wish ;
    05 Jan, 2016
    My Wish ;
    I wish to meet someone who sees beauty in the world even when it’s falling apart and sees beauty in me even when I’m falling apart
  21. Words for the Mirror ;
    05 Jan, 2016
    Words for the Mirror ;
    Let me love her . I’m sure there are others , but let me love her . Sure , there could be others for her , but I don’t like to think about that . She is all I want . And I don’t even want her to love me back . I just want to love her . I can love her . I need to .  I have to , because she is me , and I am her , and we are one . We are one and the same . So let me love her because she deserves to be loved . And I’d like her to know it’s okay to love herself too.
  22. What It Was Like Before Them ;
    04 Jan, 2016
    What It Was Like Before Them ;
    I guess I just never noticed how loud the sound of nothing could be . Or how cold an absence could feel . How hollow a body could seem . I guess you just don’t see how lonely it gets until you lose the company .
  23. You No Longer Scare Me ;
    03 Jan, 2016
    You No Longer Scare Me ;
    The day I left meant that you no longer have any power over me . I am not afraid . I am not afraid of you . And I will not be afraid to hold anything against you . You have no place here . You are in the past .
  24. I Don't Mind ;
    02 Jan, 2016
    I Don't Mind ;
    But you don’t understand .. It doesn’t matter that the living room is an absolute mess . Complete with the glass shards from your favorite mug , the flipped coffee table , ripped curtains , and torn pages of your , now lifeless journal . It doesn’t matter that you cause nothing but problems and worries . I don’t care if you’re bad and leave a flurry of tragedies wherever you go . There’s nothing I’d rather come home to than a mess I know is mine .
  25. 2016 ;
    01 Jan, 2016
    2016 ;
    This is getting repetitive , but I’ll say it again .. For the better . For the both of us . For old time’s sake . Here’s to the people we can’t love ,  the things we won’t do , and the promises we never keep . But who knows , maybe we’ll actually change this time around ..​
  26. Welcome 2016 ;
    01 Jan, 2016
    Welcome 2016 ;
    2016 is going to be my year...I can already feel it .. I ended 2015 on a good note . putting the people of the past where they belong...in the past . I really have been working on telling people how I really feel .  I'm working on myself...to become a better me . not letting people take advantage of me . becoming more social . focusing more on school so that I can be apart of the best of the best . not going for the guys who just want me for my body...going for the ones who want me for my
    31 Dec, 2015
    Oh boy...its New Year's Eve .  I honestly forgot all about it being today . had so much stuff going on the last couple of days that it just wasn't on my mind . First and foremost , Jose....I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your ceremony today . I'm upset about it , but I know you're at peace now . i just wish I was able to say my final goodbyes .. May your family have a prosperous new year...they all deserve it . man , 2015 was a crazy one for me . i was taught many lessons and also made many
  28. Wishes for 2016 ;
    30 Dec, 2015
    Wishes for 2016 ;
    1. Learn to love the quirks of my body...how my hair doesn’t stay in place or how my wait is uneven . Unique is beautiful .. 2. Listen to my mother...she has had more trips around the sun . She knows a thing or two and her opinion matters .. 3. Always make time for friends . Companionship is one of life’s little miracles .  4. Don’t talk to that boy who only wants your body...you deserve someone who wants your pearly whites but also your clenched jaw...someome who will hold your hand when you
  29. #DEEP
    29 Dec, 2015
    My dentist once told me that letting go is like pulling a tooth .. When it was pulled out , you’re relieved...but how many times does your tongue run itself over the spot where the tooth once was ? Probably a hundred times a day .. Just because it wasn't hurting you doesn’t mean you didn't notice it . It leaves a gap and sometimes you see yourself missing it terribly. It’s going to take a while , but it takes time . Should you have kept the tooth ? No , because it was causing you so much
  30. #EffCancer ;
    28 Dec, 2015
    #EffCancer ;
    You know what sucks about surviving cancer ? watching all your friends and family who don't ... I don't think people realize how hard it is . Sadly , as often as this happens...it doesn't get any easier . I am beyond sick of having to write "rest in paradise _______"  statuses . I am so tired of all the crying and tears that are shed from the news of their passing . I really don't know how much more I can take . I understand that people die every single day from all sorts of things...but when
  31. Hurt ;
    28 Dec, 2015
    Hurt ;
    Darling let me tell you a little secret .. You know that boy you love ? He’s inevitably going to break your heart .. That best friend you planned on spending the rest of your life with ? She’s going to eventually leave .. But you know what ? That is okay .. The universe places people in your life for just enough time to shape you into that beautiful person you’ve always wanted to be .. So yes , while these people may only be temporary , the effect they have on you is permanent .. And that ,
  32. Expectations ;
    27 Dec, 2015
    Expectations ;
    Sometimes you meet people who make a big impact on your life...sometimes you let them in with no questions . You don’t ask them if they are going to hurt you...you don’t ask them of their intentions...you don’t ask them if they’re planning on breaking your heart . You just let them in because they mean that much to you . They change you...sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse . You become addicted...you dream of their cherry stained lips and their bright smile...you dream of their
  33. #CancerSucks ;
    26 Dec, 2015
    #CancerSucks ;
    Another one gone way too soon ... I seriously cannot believe this is happening . I just saw you last Sunday (12.13.2015) at the Christmas Party and you were as happy as could be . Now you're gone . At least you're in paradise now . With your fellow family members . I know that you , Emily , Pablo , Catherine , Laura , Natalie , Jose , and Michael are watching over all of us and protecting everyone you love . You will be missed dearly . I know you were fighting until the very end...and even
  34. You Are Perfect ;
    26 Dec, 2015
    You Are Perfect ;
    Darling show off your teeth each one of them the chipped one and the slightly sunny ones all of them. Because just pulling back your lips will let a little light into your belly god knows we all need that. Put on the dress you bought last summer before you got the idea that it had to fit a certain way to be acceptable because it’s not supposed to hug you like it did the mannequin. You wear it like it was made to be worn .. twirling past strangers curving around your hips flowing
  35. Confessions of the Sensitive ;
    25 Dec, 2015
    Confessions of the Sensitive ;
    Yes , I cried during the Lion King .. Sure , I still get scared of the dark .. Don’t laugh , but I still hide under the covers when I'm scared...and I can't believe I'm telling you this , but sometimes I like to cuddle with my stuffed animals and pretend it's you because that's the only thing that keeps me from breaking into tears .. I just hope , that even still you can still call me tough .
  36. 12.24.2015 ;
    24 Dec, 2015
    12.24.2015 ;
    Welcome to a place you used to call home and now is full of strangers .. The smell of coffee , forgotten faith and lost memories cling to the bronze walls...broken friendships (at least partially your fault) taste like bitter chocolate and your could-have-beens echo off the high ceilings . Upside down city lights drown in the reflection of leftover rainwater...your tires slash through them and you think quietly about the skin on your forearms . Your favorite album isn’t enough to drown the pit