1. lessons.
    15 May, 2016
    The best lessons I ever learned in life came from the worst experiences in my life.
  2. hard times.
    14 May, 2016
    hard times.
    Every successful person has overcome hard times. Don’t be ashamed of your struggle, work past it.
  3. just try.
    13 May, 2016
    just try.
    If you don’t try , nothing will ever happen ..
  4. what I find attractive ..
    12 May, 2016
    what I find attractive ..
    The ability to sit down with another person and talk for hours , about anything and everything , is more attractive to me than anything else ..
  5. nothing.
    11 May, 2016
    If someone wants you , nothing would keep them away ..
  6. never forget.
    10 May, 2016
    never forget.
    Never forget the people who take time out of their day to check up on you.
  7. explaining.
    09 May, 2016
    Explaining your feelings to someone is never easy ...
  8. you inspire me, in your own way.
    08 May, 2016
    you inspire me, in your own way.
    You have left pieces of you at places you’ve visited alone, on things you took hold  with your hands, in the eyes of strangers  who have seen your face, in the ears of people who have listened to your words, and in the hearts of your family  and friends whom you’ve treated  so special. You have left an inspiration,  no matter how big or small.
  9. darkness.
    07 May, 2016
    I fear the darkness, the kind of pitch black where even shadows disappear. I fear the night, the thumping  of my own heart amidst utter silence. but I fear you, most of all. and how quickly you became a stranger when once you were my closest friend.
  10. happiness.
    06 May, 2016
    To be truly happy, you must first admit what you deserve  and you deserve the snow atop the highest mountain peaks  and a message in a bottle that traveled the seven seas and you deserve love in every form..love that tingles your toes and breathes new life into you, expanding your fragile lungs and you deserve to be content, to push open your eyes at  the break of dawn and say "this is my life and I am happy."
  11. this is real life, not puppy love
    05 May, 2016
    this is real life, not puppy love
    "You both are made for each other.“ “How do you know?” “Because you guys don’t look at each other with butterflies and happiness..you look at each other with reality but at the same time, there’s a fairytale awaiting you."
  12. depression.
    04 May, 2016
    If you asked different people what the worst part about depression is , they’d all say different things ...   But perhaps the worst part of depression is feeling so hopeless all the time for no particular reason other than the fact that you are alive .
  13. wavelengths.
    03 May, 2016
    you told me we were on the same wavelength. you said the universe brought us together. so why aren’t we fucking together? you tell me im beautiful. you tell me I'm different. you tell me you want to kiss every inch of my body. but you don’t want me. maybe the universe set us up to fail. because this wavelength we’re on is stretching and twisting around my neck. it's choking out any of the life i had left after i met you.
  14. this is how i will love you.
    03 May, 2016
    this is how i will love you.
    i will love you like i love poetry and words - in between every periods, life’s question marks, and relationship spaces. i will love you, as endless as these verses, as strong as the emotions included. i will love you like a photograph, timeless. with every memories, with all the elements. i will love you the way i love the sun and the moon, i will look at you the way i look at the lens of the camera. i will love you the same way i have loved the scent of brewed coffee in the morning, the same
  15. relationships.
    02 May, 2016
    i want a real relationship where someone and i start talking and actually stay in contact. where someone and i start hanging out and actually make time for each other. where someone and i start getting to know each other and actually take the time to do it. wherd someone and i start gaining feelings and actually make something out of it. where someone and i would start fighting and actually work things out. where i would meet someone and have them actually stay in my life. but, that seems
  16. crave.
    01 May, 2016
    i crave physical affection. i crave skin on skin. play with my hair, hold my hand, touch me, kiss me. i crave you.
  17. zero.
    30 Apr, 2016
    i was extremely kissable today and do you know how many kisses i received???? zero.
  18. favorite.
    29 Apr, 2016
    my favorite greek history story to tell is that of agnodice. like she noticed that women were dying a lot during childbirth so she went to egypt to study medicine in alexandria and was really fucking good but because it was illegal for women to be doctors in athens she had to pretend to be a man. and then the other doctors noticed that she was 10x better than them and accused her of seducing and sleeping with the women patients. like they brought her to court for this. and she just looked at
  19. love.
    28 Apr, 2016
    i love looking mean and unapproachable and pretending like i have no idea why people are intimidated by my aura.
  20. dont.
    27 Apr, 2016
    don't let him distract you from you.
  21. it's okay.
    26 Apr, 2016
    it's okay.
    draw stick figures.  sing off key. write bad poems. sew ugly clothes. run slowly. flirt clumsily. play video games on easy. you do not need to be good at something to enjoy the act.  talent is overrated. do things you like doing. its okay to suck.
  22. 7 cardinal rules for life.
    25 Apr, 2016
    7 cardinal rules for life.
    1. make peace with your past so it won't disturb your present. 2. what other people think of you is none of your business. 3. time heals almost everything. give it time. 4. no one is in charge of your happiness. except you. 5. don't compare your life to others and don't judge them, you have no idea what their journey is all about. 6. stop thinking too much. its alright not to know the answers. they will come to you when you least expect it. 7. smile. you don't own all the problems in the world.
  23. simple.
    24 Apr, 2016
    I like simple guys. a guy that can make me laugh no matter what mood im in.  someone that i can joke around with knowing they won't get mad. someone i can be comfortable with, and not have things awkward. if you can keep me laughing, then you can most definitely keep me on my toes. a guy who will accept me for who i am and won't try to change me.
  24. you.
    23 Apr, 2016
    you don't need too many people around you to be happy. just a few real ones who appreciate you for who you are.