1. I Refuse ;
    18 Mar, 2016
    I Refuse ;
    I refuse to be one of those people in life that's not doing what makes them happy .
  2. Conceptions of Perfection ;
    18 Mar, 2016
    Conceptions of Perfection ;
    Part I What is the price of perfection ? I ask As I am surrounded by those with beaten down faces and broken down smiles , With bloody fingernails and bleeding hearts , Searching for the perfect piece of affirmation in the letter "A" , That can only come on a sheet of paper in bright red ink , With late night lessons and sleepless slumbers , Where the goal is to pass the class Without failing ourselves in the process , With days that last longer than our minds can , Leaving us with hollowed
  3. Dear God ;
    18 Mar, 2016
    Dear God ;
    Dear God , take people out my life that need to be out my life & bring people in my life that need to be in my life . Amen.
  4. Control ;
    18 Mar, 2016
    Control ;
    The more you try to control something...the more it controls you . Free yourself , and let things take their own natural course .
  5. Constant Reminder To Myself ;
    18 Mar, 2016
    Constant Reminder To Myself ;
    you are okay you are enough you aren’t broken you are beautiful
  6. Texts ;
    17 Mar, 2016
    Texts ;
    A good morning text does not always mean "Good morning." It has a silent , loving message that says..."I think of you when I wake up."
  7. Bottom Line :
    17 Mar, 2016
    Bottom Line :
    A man must take care of his woman and a women , her man . No one is before the other . It's all about teamwork . Major
  8. When ;
    15 Mar, 2016
    When ;
    When you realize what you’re worth , you’ll stop giving people discounts .
  9. No Se ;
    14 Mar, 2016
    No Se ;
    Ever had the feeling of not really knowing what you're feeling ? Lol , yeeeah that is me right now . A complete mess . Like always . Its 3:25 on this wonderful Monday morning . and here I am...sleep deprived . Well , I wouldn't say deprived because I could easily go to sleep ,  but I just don't want to . Like always . I don't know , like there's a lot on my mind , but at the same time , there's not . Like I'm making things more of a bigger deal then they really should be . Like I always do . I'm
  10. Cannot Stress This Enough ...
    13 Mar, 2016
    Cannot Stress This Enough ...
    Protecting your own happiness isn’t selfish . You deserve every ounce of happiness .
  11. Shout Out To Women ;
    12 Mar, 2016
    Shout Out To Women ;
    Men are so fucking weak dude I swear . Women are out there grindin like nothing’s wrong while bleeding out of their vaginas 7 days a month , cramps so bad we can barely function , pushing a human out of our hoohas , taking pills that fuck with our hormones just so you can hit it raw and you have the damn nerve to judge the size of our hips that have birthed the civilizations of the world like they were made to be admired by you ? No. Next time you get flicked in the balls I don’t wanna
  12. W A N T ;
    11 Mar, 2016
    W A N T ;
    Double text me . Annoy me . Give me your attention . Show me affection . I love that shit .
  13. I Don't Get It ...
    10 Mar, 2016
    I Don't Get It ...
    I don't get it...women are expected to give “unattractive” men a chance whilst men act like whiny children when forced to look at women they don’t find attractive . Please , someone care to explain this to me .
  14. Relationship Goal ?
    08 Mar, 2016
    Relationship Goal ?
    My only relationship goal is to be with someone who motivates me to become a better person , and shows me the potential I don’t see in myself ...
  15. Frida Kahlo ;
    07 Mar, 2016
    Frida Kahlo ;
    Because this quote is basically my entire life story ... "I am that clumsy human , always loving , loving , loving . And loving . And never leaving ."
  16. Reckless ;
    06 Mar, 2016
    Reckless ;
    She was reckless in her love , for she loved everything and everyone . But sometimes , that love wasn’t returned , and she hurt far more than she ever let on .
  17. Applaud ;
    05 Mar, 2016
    Applaud ;
    Shout out to those who are having a hard time right now .  This is only temporary .
  18. I Trust You ;
    03 Mar, 2016
    I Trust You ;
    I trust you enough to share all my weaknesses and vulnerable parts...and that is a big deal for someone so guarded as I am   So, please . . promise to never use them against me Even when love between us have stopped flooding oceans
  19. Watermark ;
    01 Mar, 2016
    Watermark ;
    Tell me something I don’t know ..  Like explain to me how my blood still understands which way is up , despite how many times my life has been turned on its head .  Tell me how love is still such an appealing thing to a  broken heart that is  too tired to continuously stitch  each stitch back together...I’ve never  been good at sewing . My fingertips make too good thimbles and my rivers flow too freely through  the stab wounds , small though they be .  I do not need , but I want .  Oh how I want
  20. Seasons ;
    29 Feb, 2016
    Seasons ;
    I want to know which season makes your eyes shine the brightest
  21. Emily ;
    27 Feb, 2016
    Emily ;
    It has been 365 days since you were last here on this earth . 365 days since I last got to see your beautiful face . 365 days since we last talked . It's been a year since you been gone ; a full year..I think about you all the time . Not a day goes by where you are not on my mind . I still cannot come to terms with all of this . I wish you were here . I wish we could have you back but I know it doesn't work like that . I know God has a better plan for you . and now that Asa is up there with you
  22. I Tried ;
    27 Feb, 2016
    I Tried ;
    I tried to tell him How I’ve been feeling But I couldn’t let the words lie I tried to gather them up Apologize as best I could The thing is though It was already too late To fix the crack that I created Another in a series that always seem To radiate from me He doesn’t need me He’s proven that And letting me back away After what I said Without a single word back Just proves to me That I drove another person away Like I always do And now as I dry my tears I only have myself to blame
  23. Learning ;
    26 Feb, 2016
    Learning ;
    I wanted it to be you . Oh God , I wanted it to be you . But you didn’t want it to be me,  and I just have to learn to be okay with that .
  24. Goodbye ;
    25 Feb, 2016
    Goodbye ;
    We seek for adventure for times we are called away to be one with Nature to go home , to stay .. we ran , leap and even fly to destination far and wide we come back full of life until it's time again to say  goodbye .
  25. Loving You Is ...
    23 Feb, 2016
    Loving You Is ...
    Loving you is scary as hell ... loving you is skydiving walking a tightrope scuba diving without realizing there is a parachute a harness and net an oxygen tank Loving you is scary as hell and exhilarating ...
  26. Don't ;
    22 Feb, 2016
    Don't ;
    Please don’t cheat on anyone...they will never be the same . Aside from trauma you’ll affect their future relationships and cause them to develop severe trust issues against the people they come in contact with . It’s wrong and it’s evil and it’s not fair when someone looks at you with happiness and brightness in their eyes and you hurt them in ways they’d never hurt you .
  27. It's Okay ;
    21 Feb, 2016
    It's Okay ;
    Draw stick figures . Sing off key .  Write bad poems . Sew ugly clothes .  Run slowly. Flirt clumsily. Play video games on easy...you do not need to be good at something to enjoy the act . Talent is overrated . Do things you like doing . It’s ok to suck ..
  28. #GOODBYES ;
    20 Feb, 2016
    Goodbyes are not forever , they are not the end ; it simply means I'll miss you until we meet again .. Today I got to say my final goodbye to Asa...I still cannot believe that this is real . I'm still trying to come to terms with all this . I don't want to accept the fact that you're no longer here with us . Asa , you were truly one of a kind . I appreciate the time we got to spend together . You made camp incredibly memorable . It's really really hard saying goodbye . It's not at all easy
  29. Andy Zambrana ;
    18 Feb, 2016
    Andy Zambrana ;
    Tonight I got to say goodbye one last time to Andy Zambrana . I love you man...to the moon and back . You will truly be missed . I am so glad I got to meet you because you are an incredible young man with the sweetest heart . It's never easy saying goodbye . It's sad to see you go . But I'm happy that you got to go out on your own terms with pride ; that you didn't let your cancer own you...you owned your cancer . I know this has hit us all hard...from your family at Camp Fiesta to your actual
    17 Feb, 2016
    I am so lost for words right now...I really want to pretend this is all a dream that I can wake up from right now . Please tell me this isn't really happening . Please tell me you're not gone . Please tell me this bullshit is all just in my mind . I've lost yet another very close friend of mine this week thanks to this damn disease . Bruh , FUCK CANCER ! Like for real...when will this ever stop ? How many more times do I have to keep posting these statuses and posts ? Rest in paradise Asael
  31. FUCK CANCER! ;
    14 Feb, 2016
    Another one gone way too soon ; as I wake up to the news of your passing , I cannot help but feel this emptiness as I try to come to terms that you're truly gone . I really don't want to believe this...this is a dream . Andy Zambrana ; your great energy will always live within all of us . Thank you for being an incredible young man and always bringing a smile to everyone's face by just being yourself . I love and appreciate the fact that you looked cancer in the eye and told it that it wouldn't
  32. Too Young ;
    13 Feb, 2016
    Too Young ;
  33. Reckless ;
    12 Feb, 2016
    Reckless ;
    She was reckless in her love , for she loved everything and everyone. But sometimes , that love wasn’t returned , and she hurt far more than she ever let on ..
  34. People ;
    11 Feb, 2016
    People ;
    When people walk out of your life , let them . You might miss them , but remember that you are not the one that gave up
  35. Riches ;
    10 Feb, 2016
    Riches ;
    If you have a family that loves you , a few good friends , food on your table and a roof over your head . You are richer than you think .
  36. Contemplative ;
    09 Feb, 2016
    Contemplative ;
    Wild , passion colored reflections on the pale surface of an autumn lake , at night - the twists and turns of the burned leaves on its wavelength , the silence...the absence . The moment you stop , the moment you listen the void whisper - the moment you understand .  Looking into deep , light waters and trees , and seeing a world beyond this . The secret one . The forgotten one . The one which , so long ago , was betrayed by its own beauty .