1. learning ..
    26 Aug, 2016
    learning ..
    You learn, then you do better.
  2. fall 2016 ;
    22 Aug, 2016
    fall 2016 ;
    aaaanndd we're back with the start of a new semester . I'm excited to see what's in store for me this upcoming year ❤️️
  3. men ;
    10 Aug, 2016
    men ;
    I like my men how I like my palm trees: tall and independent.
  4. Camp Fiesta ;
    31 Jul, 2016
    Camp Fiesta ;
    if you were to ask someone what their favorite time of the year is, they'd probably say Halloween or Christmas or New Years or even Thanksgiving...but if you were to ask me, I would most definitely say that mine is spending nine days over the summer with the absolutely most amazing people I or anyone else could ever ask for...my second family! a family who I can truly be myself with and not be worried about being judged because they'll love me for who I am no matter what. to be around people who
  5. I will
    05 Jul, 2016
    I will
    I will teach my daughter how to love, but most important how to stop. they never teach you how to stop.
  6. #orlandostrong
    12 Jun, 2016
    my prayers and condolences go out to everyone in Orlando. happy to hear my friends and family are safe and sound. its crazy that a place my family would call a second home has just witness an horrific event. lost for words right now. praying for everyone in Orlando ❤️
  7. nikita gill ;
    10 Jun, 2016
    nikita gill ;
    "she wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell."
  8. your special day ;
    07 Jun, 2016
    your special day ;
    happy birthday em
  9. note to self..
    05 Jun, 2016
    note to self..
    It's okay to live a life others don't understand.
  10. tired.
    01 Jun, 2016
    im just tired. tired of trying sometimes. i could really use a hug rn. be told everything will be okay. and maybe, just maybe believe it. i try. i try . i try. i try to make everyone else happy. before myself. and im starting to realize that i can't do that. i matter. my happiness matters. how i feel matters. im important.  and i have to constantly remind myself of that. because sometimes i just have a hard time believing it. my parents are never happy with anything i do. everything with my
  11. note to self ..
    01 Jun, 2016
    note to self ..
    Find the magic in yourself and understand that your purpose is valid. You don't need recognition or acceptance from anyone. You are worthy. You are loved. You are amazing.
  12. turn ons ...
    01 Jun, 2016
    turn ons ...
    Intimacy. Hold my waist. Stroke my neck. Kiss my forehead. Hold my hand. Maturity. Patience is amazing. A prize will come to you when the time is right. Its called falling in love. Waiting is hard...but worth it. Honesty. I don't care what you've done. I care about what you will do in the future. Be honest with me, I'll be honest with you. Care. Because not many people give a crap about anything anymore.
  13. SixWordQuote
    31 May, 2016
    all alone in a crowded room.
  14. life goes on.
    31 May, 2016
    life goes on.
    At 16 or even 21 , nobody is worth stressing over . Like move on , leave people behind . Go find yourself , the world is yours .  Life goes on .
  15. blessings.
    31 May, 2016
    At the end of the day I gotta remember .. my blessings outweigh my problems.
  16. lately.
    31 May, 2016
    Lately I haven’t been feeling happy or sad. I’ve just kind of been existing and I don’t really know what to feel.
  17. because you never do.
    30 May, 2016
    because you never do.
    When I’m standing in front of you, on the verge of breaking, all I want is for you to ask if I’m okay .. I don’t know if I’m too good at hiding it, or if you’re just not looking.
  18. tomorrow.
    28 May, 2016
    As soon as you think “maybe I can get up early and just finish it tomorrow” you’ve already lost
  19. depth.
    27 May, 2016
    I like people with depth. I like those who have deep thoughts, fierce passions, dreams, goals, and ambition.
  20. you don't have to be in a relationship to be happy.
    26 May, 2016
    you don't have to be in a relationship to be happy.
    We spend so much time looking for that one person , so much time wasted finding someone who wants us and being miserable over those who don’t . We turn someone down because they can’t possibly be our soulmate . We break someone’s heart because we can’t believe we could be the one they want . and there’s so much more to life , so much more to it than stumbling from heartbreak to having your heart fixed by someone else . You don’t have to fall in love to love your life . You can love your life
  21. reminder :
    24 May, 2016
    reminder :
    Women do not need to be polite to someone who is making them uncomfortable.
  22. lifes too short
    23 May, 2016
    lifes too short
    Some days you just have to say "screw it , I did what I could today" and just let go of all the stuff you wanted to do. Life is too short to be angry with yourself for being human.
  23. always.
    22 May, 2016
    Always remind your loved ones that you love them. Over and over again. You just never know.
  24. choose.
    21 May, 2016
    Choose people who choose you.
  25. life is meant to be experienced.
    20 May, 2016
    life is meant to be experienced.
    Put yourself out there. Do things you’ve never done. Live a life where at the end, you will have no regrets.
  26. that one friend.
    19 May, 2016
    that one friend.
    No matter how serious life gets, you still gotta have that one friend you can be completely stupid with.
  27. summer ;
    18 May, 2016
    summer ;
    Summer semester has officially begun for me...day 1 and I'm already drowning in this work but no worries, I got this
  28. worth.
    18 May, 2016
    There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.
  29. nobody.
    17 May, 2016
    Nobody can block the blessings you deserve to experience in your life . What’s for you is for you . There’s no competition or worry . Just trust .
  30. everyone.
    16 May, 2016
    Not everyone likes me , but not everyone matters .
  31. lessons.
    15 May, 2016
    The best lessons I ever learned in life came from the worst experiences in my life.
  32. hard times.
    14 May, 2016
    hard times.
    Every successful person has overcome hard times. Don’t be ashamed of your struggle, work past it.
  33. just try.
    13 May, 2016
    just try.
    If you don’t try , nothing will ever happen ..
  34. what I find attractive ..
    12 May, 2016
    what I find attractive ..
    The ability to sit down with another person and talk for hours , about anything and everything , is more attractive to me than anything else ..
  35. you inspire me, in your own way.
    08 May, 2016
    you inspire me, in your own way.
    You have left pieces of you at places you’ve visited alone, on things you took hold  with your hands, in the eyes of strangers  who have seen your face, in the ears of people who have listened to your words, and in the hearts of your family  and friends whom you’ve treated  so special. You have left an inspiration,  no matter how big or small.
  36. darkness.
    07 May, 2016
    I fear the darkness, the kind of pitch black where even shadows disappear. I fear the night, the thumping  of my own heart amidst utter silence. but I fear you, most of all. and how quickly you became a stranger when once you were my closest friend.