1. I Will Fall For a Boy Who Will :
    27 Mar, 2011
    I Will Fall For a Boy Who Will :
    Stand out in the rain with me . Make memories that'll last forever and a day . Cook with , or for me . Like my family . Let me sing along to the radio . (even if I sound like shit - and make fun of my ass .) Let me whoop his ass in video games ^_^ Keep surprising me . Watch movies with me on slump days . Remember the little things . Always be there for me . Have late night conversations . Help me face my fears .  Help me overcome my insecurities . Make me laugh and smile when I'm mad or upset .
  2. This Year ;
    21 Mar, 2011
    This Year ;
    Through everything that has gone on in school ; I've learned one thing from it : don't fcukk around with the boys at the Ridge . You're just bound for heartbreak . Trust me ; I've been through it & it isn't pretty at all . Going through what I did , changed me so much . Just cause of one little worthless boy , it changed my perception on all of them - that they're all the same ; they lie , they cheat , they're fake , & they never know how to appreciate a girl ; instead they just use them just
  3. Reasons Why I'm Single
    20 Mar, 2011
    Reasons Why I'm Single
    it's pLain and simple ; BOYS . they're so flocking fake , like no lie . i can't stand the way they act - so fcUking hard , like they're the shit , that they can get any girl they want ; blah , blah , blah , it's all just so much bullshit to me . i'm like so sick of it . boys try to talk to me all the time , but I act like a complete bitch and all hard to get with " a wall up " all the time ; it's cause i'm not the type of person who wants to get fcuked around with . & more than half of them just
  4. Boys ;
    23 Feb, 2011
    Boys ;
    They all just want one thing : to hit it & quit it or some of you might say smash & dash . To me , all boys are the same unless they prove me otherwise . To them , girls are like a prize  or so called " trophy " ; something they like to show off to their friends . . . . show that they got the girl , smashed her , & then leave her ass sitting there wondering if she did something wrong . Don't ever toy around with a girl's feelings . . . . Don't use her as second string because you didn't get your
  5. Little By Little ;
    21 Feb, 2011
    Little By Little ;
    I’m starting to figure out who I am . I found out a lot in the past months . I bottle up my emotions because I’m afraid of confrontation . I literally love to be alone , but I don’t feel alone . Its just how I was raised . I am the middle sibling . My brothers are in the same age group . So when I played with my toys , I played alone . When it was time to eat , I ate alone . I did everything alone since I was a young girl . I love my privacy and dislike when people ask me questions about my
  6. Insecurities ;
    14 Feb, 2011
    Insecurities ;
    It's always the prettiest people who are painfully insecure . Always trying to look their best - now and days , it's all about being super skinny and absolutely beautiful . & people ( boys ] don't realize that it isn't easy . It's not easy being sexy and good looking . It's actually the hardest thing of all . Most girls don't wake up and look beautiful as they do when they go out . I'd be damned if i was that lucky . Most girls have to work their way up to what they think is beautiful . ( They
  7. Girls ;
    10 Feb, 2011
    Girls ;
    Mistake Infatuation for Love . Some girls don’t realize that their 18 year old boyfriend or older is probably just using them for sex . Why would an older man ever date a middle schooler ? & you should know better than to brag about having sex around school . What’s so cool about getting pregnant and dropping out of school ? I still don't understand that . You girls need to understand that those guys are just horny people who can’t get girls their age , so they aim for young , innocent girls
  8. My CRAZY Adventure on 12.23.2010
    24 Dec, 2010
    My CRAZY Adventure on 12.23.2010
    So I decided Wednesday that I should spend the night at my friends : Maiah & Brianna's house ( bad idea . ) , lol . Yesterday I woke up at noon because we stayed up all night long making YouTube videos and playing freakin’ LIFE (: , ahhhh ; gee shiit . . . . but anyways , we’re all awake and their mom calls us & is like :  " i need you girls to walk to Walmart and get some milk ."  I was like okay whatever , I better be getting my BK after . lmao , so we leave their house and we’re walking out
  9. What's a Girl Suppose To Do ? ;
    19 Dec, 2010
    What's a Girl Suppose To Do ? ;
    When nothing is going right and everything seems completely wrong ? When she gets knocked down again and again , but for once she is finally too weak to get back up ? When she seems like she’s the only one vs. the world ? When she doesn’t understand why the things that happen to her do ? When she is always alone because she’s scared of what her parents will say to or about her next ? When the people she needs to talk to most are never there ? When the only thing she can do is cry to make things
  10. Corol Jade Saeger <3 ;
    16 Sep, 2010
    Corol Jade Saeger <3 ;
    Rest In Peace : Corol Jade Saeger _ 7/23/08 - 9/16/10 . I love you little cousin <3 . You will be missed so much , you were only two ; but you were the most loving and inspirational person I have came across .. You were the true definition of a walking miracle . You will always be in my heart . I’m never going to ever forget you . You’re with god now & you’ll be safe in his arms ; look out for aunty & uncle for me when I can't - everyone loves you Corol & life wont be the same without you ;
  11. Cancer Survivor ;
    05 Apr, 2010
    Cancer Survivor ;
    On October 31, 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. A week and a half before Halloween I was hospitalized at like 3 in the morning due to some really serious stomach pain. I was fine that entire day, like I went to school & then I went to our Barnes & Nobel night at Barnes & Nobel of course because my really good friend was performing for hand-bells & then for chorus & I told her I’d be there for support. I felt perfectly fine, I wasn’t having any stomach pains or anything. Just