1. People ;
    28 Jan, 2016
    People ;
    The way people treat you is a statement of who they are as a human being . It's not a statement  about you ..
  2. In Case You Didn't Know ..
    27 Jan, 2016
    In Case You Didn't Know ..
    Just so we're all  clear...it's okay to  miss people you no longer want  in your life .
  3. One Thing ..
    26 Jan, 2016
    One Thing ..
    One thing I hate is hurting someone.  I know how it feels and I never want someone to feel like that because of me .
  4. Okay ;
    25 Jan, 2016
    Okay ;
    Whatever we plan  to do together you can't do with anyone else ..                      That's just how                                                it works ..                                                                              Okay.
  5. African Proverb ;
    24 Jan, 2016
    African Proverb ;
    Pretend you are dead and you will see who really loves you.
  6. #Shade
    23 Jan, 2016
    Throwing shade isn't ever gonna make you shine .
  7. Maya Angelou ;
    22 Jan, 2016
    Maya Angelou ;
    "You may shoot me with your words,  you may cut me with your eyes,  you  may kill me with your hatefulness,  but still, I rise I rise I RISE
  8. #LIVING ;
    21 Jan, 2016
    #LIVING ;
    I found life in everything that once killed me . For sometimes running out of breath is all that’s needed to truly learn how to breathe .
  9. Pleased Understand ;
    21 Jan, 2016
    Pleased Understand ;
    You need to understand that I’ll never be the girl that begs you to stay . If you decide to walk out of my life , I might be sad for a little while but know that I’ll never chase you . I’ll just let you go .
  10. #DREAMGIRL ;
    20 Jan, 2016
    It’s me , your dream girl , in scrunched up socks and a blanket cape .
  11. I'm Learning ;
    19 Jan, 2016
    I'm Learning ;
    It’s sad to say this but everyone that’s around you is not there FOR you .. I’m learning not to dim my light due other’s darkness .
  12. I Think ;
    18 Jan, 2016
    I Think ;
    You deserve to be happy .. Unless it’s with anyone but me .
  13. Life ;
    17 Jan, 2016
    Life ;
    If you ever feel like you don’t belong in life . There is always people like you somewhere on this earth that share the same interest & passion . Find them , that’s what it took for me to feel truly free . Change is constant in life & so are my ideas and thoughts . I’m so glad to finish off this year at home with my friends and family .  Let’s live
  14. People ;
    16 Jan, 2016
    People ;
    Some people smoke ,  others drink , and others fall in love .. each one dies in a different way .
  15. #Today ;
    15 Jan, 2016
    #Today ;
    I love the sun that touches my skin every morning that keeps me warm . I love listening to birds chirp...it’s like a music to my ear . The cold air that’s trying to embrace my entire body and trying to wake me up . I love the smell of the aroma of coffee that gives me this kind of feeling of a new day . I love watching the beauty of sunrise that gives hope and happiness . I love waking up every morning and see the beauty of the world . It’s like a new chance , a new hope , a better day than
  16. I'm Not Good ;
    14 Jan, 2016
    I'm Not Good ;
    I’m not good at keeping in touch with my friends . They think I don’t care and I don’t think of them . They think i’m happy without them and I don’t need them . But that’s not true , they’re always in my mind and in my heart , I just stopped showing it to them . I used to be clingy and flood them with messages , but i’ve changed . I feel like i’ll just annoy them , and that’s why instead of starting a conversation , i’ll just wait for them to send me a message . I’ll never forget them , they’re
  17. How To Be Successful ;
    13 Jan, 2016
    How To Be Successful ;
    focus on your own shit .​
  18. To Bad ;
    12 Jan, 2016
    To Bad ;
    We never made any kind of sense .. While you found hope in the soft light that came with new mornings , I found comfort in the black blanket that enveloped us all when the sun finally said goodbye . I adored my lavander tea , while you swore that without a cup of hazelnut coffee , there was no possible way you’d survive . The devilish smirk that always seemed to dance across your lips marked you as trouble , whilst my eyes that were slightly too round gave off an impression of false innocence
  19. #Thoughts ;
    11 Jan, 2016
    #Thoughts ;
    If anything should motivate you towards success and money in this life it shouldn’t be the fancy cars or diamonds...it should be knowing it will let you dream without boundaries and act without consent .
  20. Tell Me ;
    10 Jan, 2016
    Tell Me ;
    It’s 2am and I don’t want small talk...I don’t want you to tell me something that every other girl you’ve been with knows .. I want you to speak of things that’ll make your brown eyes unable to meet my own , for fear that I’ll laugh at the words that’ll escape your lips . So tell me , tell me how you’re doing and don’t you dare respond with "fine." Tell me everything you’ve been keeping bottled up inside for far , far too long...tell me how you got the scar that runs down the length of your
  21. Preferences ;
    09 Jan, 2016
    Preferences ;
    I prefer the early mornings & the late nights because it’s a natural human meditation where your passions , soul , and thoughts are open as well as your ego is dropped . It's in these moments you can empathize on these thoughts and feelings , because when the sun comes up so does your defense
  22. I'm the Worst ;
    08 Jan, 2016
    I'm the Worst ;
    I’m the worst person to love .. I’m clingy , needy , and I would annoy you most of the time . There are times when you feel like I don’t care , and darling , trust me it will break your heart . But then , there are also times when you feel like you’re the luckiest person in this world because I love you . When you don’t see me , my memory will keep hurting you like a ghost you couldn’t live without . The thought of me keeps disturbing you . I know it shouldn’t but it will . I’m the worst
  23. That's How You Keep Her ;
    07 Jan, 2016
    That's How You Keep Her ;
    Hug her when she cries . Hold her and bring her close to your chest and let her cry .  Don’t ask her what’s wrong or how she’s doing...just rub her back and mean it . Brush out the tips of her hair and let her cry everything out . Wipe the tears away from her face and soak them into your own shirt...she just wants you to take care of her when her emotions play with her again . She wants you to be that someone who’s willing to help her hold her pain up so she doesn’t get crushed...notbecause
  24. 1am ;
    07 Jan, 2016
    1am ;
    I look strong but I’m fragmented . I’m pieces left by people who left me . I am lips bruised by kisses turned into nightmare . I am arms sore from fighting for someone not worth fighting for . I am legs lumped from trying to escape the grasp of reality that some people just don’t care . I am eyes filled with endless sorrow for crying to those who don’t even miss me . I am hands tired of helping others carry themselves . I am a heart crushed and thrown away to a place where I couldn’t fix myself