1. What's On My Mind ;
    07 Feb, 2015
    What's On My Mind ;
    What’s on my mind? A million different, irrelevant, completely-separate thoguhts. Today for the first time in I don’t know how long, I missed you. Today, I thought of all the memories we had, the weird shit we said to each other, how comfortable we were with each other, the secret we told & just everything we used to have. Today, I also replayed the last time we fought & the shit you said to me. So what’s really on my mind? How unhappy one person can go out of their way to make you, without
  2. Couples ;
    30 Jan, 2015
    Couples ;
    The argumentative couple. The couple that always fights, yet they never have the guts to leave each other. The ‘IT’ couple. The couple that everyone wishes to be. The one couple that everyone looks up too. and wishes to have such a relationship. The playful couple. The relationship everyone wishes they had with their significant one. Where they can play practical jokes on each other, and yet still find each other way too resisting. The romantic couple. The couple that always has everything
  3. ..
    14 Jan, 2015
    The way i see it, a man has two options in a relationship.. either stand up and be the man she needs, or sit down so she can see the man standing behind you.
  4. It's Time ;
    30 Nov, 2014
    It's Time ;
    Here’s to being lied to, to being walked on, to being used, promised something and given nothing. Here’s to seeing the best in him, and believing he could never be as bad as he turned out to be. Here’s to trusting him over and over again because you really wanted to believe that what he did was a mistake and that he’s changed. guess what? Nothing changed. Time to move on.
  5. Enough ;
    26 Nov, 2014
    Enough ;
    Everyone’s beautiful. yes you here it all the time and sure on the outside you might not get much from this society. But the inside, thats where the magic happens. That’s where you are beautiful. That’s the stuff that’s gonna get a guy to fall for you. Not the Zac Efron type you’ve wanted but a guy that cares. Which, from my understanding is hard to come by. So stop your bitching, your beautiful. In one way or another.
  6. That Girl ;
    22 Sep, 2014
    That Girl ;
    She’s the type of girl who responds to guys who smile at her because she wants to be friendly. She is the type of girl who stares hard at the board when she does not understand what the teacher is teaching. She is the type of girl who acts like a kid because she misses her childhood. She is the type of girls who rather gets hurt by truths than lies. She is the type of girl who wishes for good things for people she loves. She is the type of girl who stay loyal to one guy when she learns how to
  7. Back On My Gameee ;
    23 Jul, 2014
    Back On My Gameee ;
    Ugh, advice? I LOVE giving it to people & helping them, but when it comes to me, I suck at actually trying to figure out my problems.  People are different, & stories are different. Just b/c one of your friends has the “same” situation doesn’t always necessarily mean the same outcome for yours as well.  Listen to your heart & who else your dealing w/, not someone else’s perspective.
  8. Five Bad Things About Me ;
    18 Apr, 2014
    Five Bad Things About Me ;
    I'm selfish I don't think before I speak or do I'm very negative I push people away I'm very picky
  9. Five Good Things About Me ;
    18 Apr, 2014
    Five Good Things About Me ;
    I laugh easily I'm a care’free person I know how to make someones day I'm a very happy person, even if m going through things . I know how to hide them with a smile I'm not dramatic
  10. Long Distance Relationships ;
    31 Mar, 2014
    Long Distance Relationships ;
    Long distance relationships are probably the best way to test true love like no other types of relationships can. It requires sacrifice, understanding, special willingness, communication, trust, and the desire to keep the relationship alive despite the distance. Many people doubt the integrity of a long distance relationship, but do they know about the many wonders a long distance relationship can bring? Long distance relationship, you can’t physically be together with your significant other and
  11. Why You're Hurting ...
    24 Mar, 2014
    Why You're Hurting ...
    You’re being attached to someone who’s being distant towards you. You’re paying attention to someone who ignores you. You’re making time for someone who’s too busy for you. You’re too caring to someone who seems careless towards you. You keep waiting on someone who keeps stalling on you.
  12. It's Funny ;
    28 Feb, 2014
    It's Funny ;
    It’s funny how when someone leaves out of your life you always come back running to me. Knowing I will always be right here waiting with open arms and forgivness at hand. Just because I don’t talk about the past doesn’t mean i’m over it I know you said your sorry, but that will always be there. Sure I like it when you look at me when I leave or when you kiss me while my heart is struggeling to find its place or when you say things that just kills me in the inside. I wish I could tell you all
  13. If He Really Loves You ;
    19 Feb, 2014
    If He Really Loves You ;
    He’ll be jealous if you’re with other guys . He’ll always remember the memories you shared . He’ll cry over you . He’ll admit his mistakes . He’ll not replace you with other girls .. no matter what
  14. Why I Hate Being a Girl :
    29 Jan, 2014
    Why I Hate Being a Girl :
    Periods Period cramps Sore tits Mood swings Picking out outfits for the day Styling hair after showering Having a hard time running cause of your tits Making sure you don’t get pregnant Carrying the baby Being called a bitch, whore, hoe for no apparent reason Make sure you don’t get raped Having pedophiles hit on you Shaving all the time. Having to deal with douchebag guys
  15. Middle Finger To :
    22 Jan, 2014
    Middle Finger To :
    The jerks who broke my heart . The bitches who talked shit behind my back .  The unworthy so called friends who betrayed my trust .  The ones who gave up and just found it easier to walk away .  The heartless people who left without a word of reason .  The assholes who give off mixed signals just to lead me on .  The users who just need me when they want something .  The hit it and quit it douche bags . & mainly, the ones who purposely made me cry and watched me fall .
  16. Honestly ;
    15 Jan, 2014
    Honestly ;
    I think those “ like & i’ll rate you ” status on Facebook are so overrated . Yeah ; it’s your opinion of what you think the person looks like and i know you’re being honest and stuff - but sometimes , it could bother a person because they didn’t get the number they wanted from you . & people just have no self - esteem about themselves . So say some girl likes one of those status and she got a 7 from one person and the other , she got an 9 ; she could be like some people ; who like to dwell on
  17. Music ;
    08 Jan, 2014
    Music ;
    I remember when I was young, I didn’t understand it. I just jammed to it because of the sound it made. The way it made my boombox vibrate, I was fund of the vibration. I loved how it made everyone in the room happy. It was as if every argument, sadness, worry, dreadfullness went away just by the sound. Just by music. The calmness of it. Its what I look forward to when I plug in my earphones and get ready for the day. I didn’t understand the meaning of music and what they were speaking of. I
  18. It's Cute When a Guy Cries ..
    15 Dec, 2013
    It's Cute When a Guy Cries ..
    I think it's cute when a guy cries .. I’m not talking about crying 24/7, that’s a no-no. I’m talking about guys that aren’t afraid to be real with their feelings. The “I’m-afraid-to-lose-you” cries.
  19. Best Friends ;
    15 Nov, 2013
    Best Friends ;
    I thought best friends were supposed to be there for you, never turn their back on you, even when you piss them off and stuff. I consider you my best friend, I wouldn’t turn my back on you regardless of how much may you upset me, or do stuff that bothers me. But you would?
  20. I Want You To ..
    15 Aug, 2013
    I Want You To ..
    Find arms that will hold you at your weakest. Eyes that will see you at your ugliest. Heart that will love you at your worst.  Find someone that will love you not just because you’re the “ strongest “ “prettiest“ or “ the best “.
    15 Jul, 2013
    I can’t date food I can’t date the internet I can’t date myself I can’t date my blog Or my fish
  22. Ever Felt Like This ? ;
    26 Mar, 2013
    Ever Felt Like This ? ;
    Have you ever felt so alone in a room filled with people? Have you ever felt like you can’t talk to anyone because you know they wouldn’t understand, not even your best friend? Have you ever felt like your world is crashing down and you can’t do anything about it, but hang tight? Have you ever felt like giving up and just wished you could run away and not worry about anything? Have you ever felt so down that you couldn’t even manage to really explain how you feel?
  23. I Like Talking To People That ..
    05 Mar, 2013
    I Like Talking To People That ..
    make it seem like they’re happy to be talking to you. can keep a conversation. don’t reply with just one word answers. can at least make me smile or laugh. have a good sense of humor. know when to be serious or when to lighten up. just know how to have a good talk without making shit awkward.
  24. Every Girl Needs To Hear :
    23 Jan, 2013
    Every Girl Needs To Hear :
    “You are my life. You are my heart, my soul, my world. Everything i do, you’re on my mind. The first thing that i think of in the morning, is you. You’re the last thought that comes to my mind before i sleep. When i’m doing something, you may not be first, but you are there. I always think of you. I love you. I don’t ever want you to leave.”
  25. You Know What's Cute ?
    09 Jan, 2013
    You Know What's Cute ?
    I find it adorable when someone remembers the littlest details about you. It’s cute when that person takes the time and effort to surprise you with the things you don’t remember telling them about. It’s like they’ve read your mind. The kind of person that pays attention to what you say just so they can use it to their advantage in order to put a smile on your face. I love those thoughtful people who go out of their ways just so they can make you happy.
  26. Difficult Situations ;
    18 Dec, 2012
    Difficult Situations ;
    How do you know which decision, is the right decision? What if you make the wrong decision? You think back and you say..”I should have done this differently.” You think of all the different possibilities, and you finally make a decision, even if your unsure of that decision.. you’ve risked it all, and there is no turning back. How do you know when, or if you’ve made the right or the wrong decision? No one is ever sure until you decide what to do, now all you have to do it wait for the outcome,
  27. Alone Time ;
    31 Jul, 2012
    Alone Time ;
    What do I think about when I'm alone?  I think about where I am in life right now.  & where I’m heading.  I think about all the people who I am pleased to have in my life right now & why others aren’t.  I think about all the unnecessary things that occur.  I don’t think about drama b/c that’s a waste of time.  I think about the “What Ifs”.  I think about unanswerable questions such as… “Who created us?”  or “Why am I alive today?”.
  28. One Day ;
    18 Jul, 2012
    One Day ;
    You’re going to want that specific girl. That girl that knew she wasn’t perfect, but tried to be for you. That girl who wanted nothing more than to be there for you and love you the only way she knew she could but you wouldn’t let her. That girl who sees your flaws, but values them as much as your strengths. That girl who still can’t bring herself to hate you, even though you probably deserve it. That girl who saw past your pretty face and treasured parts of you that no one else appreciated.
  29. Past ;
    16 Mar, 2012
    Past ;
    How can you move on if you are still living in the past? And how can you step forward, leaving the past behind, if you can’t even begin to forgive what the past holds? How can you love someone for who they are, yet want to hate them for what they’ve done? I guess that’s what it boils down to is this — there are always those defining moments, times that makes us or breaks us, builds us or tears us apart, help us progress further or stop us dead in our tracks. And for whichever way we may choose,
  30. Christian Reyes ;
    07 Mar, 2012
    Christian Reyes ;
    “ Sitting watchinn’ minutes pass by , you said this time forever ; it felt like hello & goodbye , when I’m with you it’s even hard too say hi , because every time I see you my heartbeat hits the sky … Them bitches only liked you for your physical features , you have no idea baby how good I would treat you , too me your special like a shooting star , your one of a kind and truly amazing just the way you are … Just too hold your hand would be a memory I would forever treasure , but it breaks my
  31. Different ?
    06 Mar, 2012
    Different ?
    What you do classify someone as.. different? Is it because they: Listen to another genre of music than you? Look different? Like different things? Dress different from you? Has a different “lingo” to you? This doesn’t define someone to be different...
  32. That Feeling You Get ...
    29 Jan, 2012
    That Feeling You Get ...
    When you ended one of your favorite relationships you ever had.  When you loved that person.  When you actually thought it would last.  When you cared for that person.  When although you made a mistake, the other person did too.. by letting you go. That feeling you get when you know it’s over for good, yet you’re still lying to them… just so you won’t seem down? Telling them that “I don’t have any feelings for you”, “I’m doing fine w/o you”, “I already moved on”, “That’s cool w/ me too, we can
  33. Puppy Love ? ;
    22 Jan, 2012
    Puppy Love ? ;
    We, as humans, have a different meaning for the word love.  There is no literal meaning for the word, since there is no evidence to support the term.  However, there is a difference between true love & puppy love. Puppy Love is familiar among the youth.  What is love? We will never know.  Love is a mental idea/mindset.  It’s what you feel, think, develop w/ another person.  True loving is the love you will have for someone for eternity.  The love that will never fade away.  See, in society,
  34. Who The Hell Are You ? ;
    15 Jan, 2012
    Who The Hell Are You ? ;
    I can’t even speak. You were so different. We were so close. And now, I don’t know. I feel as if you changed. It’s like when you speak, another person has invaded your being and changed you into a person I have never met before. I don’t like it. It hurts. It makes me sad. If it’s a cry for help, just cry help. And you will be saved by someone who cares. But, all you want to do is adore the ones who ignore you, and ignore the ones who love you. That’s not making things any better. Realize it.
  35. It Really Bothers Me ;
    08 Jan, 2012
    It Really Bothers Me ;
    That people judge others based on their past decisions . everyones made decisions they wouldnt agree with now like they did back then , and then when they try to move forward and make a better person of themself , people still judge them from their past ? Like someone can do something wrong , ( which everyone makes mistakes ] yet move forward and do better , but they’re only recognized for the wrong they did . it really bothers me .
  36. 3 Important Factors In a Relationship :
    01 Jan, 2012
    3 Important Factors In a Relationship :
    These are the 3 biggest factors (in my opinion) to maintain a stable relationship… HONESTY - One of the few factors in which both members of a relationship lack.  Too much honesty, or also known as TMI(Too Much Information) may cause problems, depending on how much one can take.  But giving ENOUGH honesty is acceptable. For example, telling someone some things you may have done that may have effect on your relationship w/ them in the future is respectable. “Babes, I need to tell you something.