1. Dear You ;
    02 Nov, 2011
    Dear You ;
    It'd take about a year to explain ... everything you’ve put me through that’s led us to where we are today. Not saying it’s entirely your fault, but when you come back in a month or two just like every other time, I hope to God I have the f*cking strength to say “No, you broke me and I’m tired of the same thing happening over & over & over again”, or something around those lines. There are so many people who do the exact same thing you do, & so many girls like me who fall for it. Yes, you are
  2. Dear You ;
    02 Nov, 2011
    Dear You ;
    You were right. I’m not the same. I’m a completely different person. I act different, I think different, I feel different. It doesn’t mean I’m still not me on the inside., deep down. I’m still the same girl who fell for you long ago. Saying you want the old me back doesn’t help when there’s no explanation as to how I’m different. It made me think alot though. I do alot of the old things I used to now that we’re apart. I hang out with my old friends more, do all of my homework, spend time with
  3. Things I've Come to Conclude :
    01 Nov, 2011
    Things I've Come to Conclude :
    Every time I get my hopes up about something, I get slapped in the face by disappointment. Expect nothing from no one. Things that mean a lot to you, don’t necessarily mean jack shit to others.
    15 Jun, 2011
    People don’t play basketball because its fun . Ask any player , most of them fear it . But they couldn’t imagine life without it . Its a part of them ; the love / hate relationship . It’s what they live for . They live for the long practices , cheers , long bus rides , championships , night games , & countless pairs of basketball shoes and long socks . They live for the taste of water or gatorade and to hear coaches that yell and laugh . They live for the way it feels when they beat the other
  5. This Year ;
    21 Mar, 2011
    This Year ;
    Through everything that has gone on in school ; I've learned one thing from it : don't fcukk around with the boys at the Ridge . You're just bound for heartbreak . Trust me ; I've been through it & it isn't pretty at all . Going through what I did , changed me so much . Just cause of one little worthless boy , it changed my perception on all of them - that they're all the same ; they lie , they cheat , they're fake , & they never know how to appreciate a girl ; instead they just use them just
  6. Reasons Why I'm Single
    20 Mar, 2011
    Reasons Why I'm Single
    it's pLain and simple ; BOYS . they're so flocking fake , like no lie . i can't stand the way they act - so fcUking hard , like they're the shit , that they can get any girl they want ; blah , blah , blah , it's all just so much bullshit to me . i'm like so sick of it . boys try to talk to me all the time , but I act like a complete bitch and all hard to get with " a wall up " all the time ; it's cause i'm not the type of person who wants to get fcuked around with . & more than half of them just
  7. Boys ;
    23 Feb, 2011
    Boys ;
    They all just want one thing : to hit it & quit it or some of you might say smash & dash . To me , all boys are the same unless they prove me otherwise . To them , girls are like a prize  or so called " trophy " ; something they like to show off to their friends . . . . show that they got the girl , smashed her , & then leave her ass sitting there wondering if she did something wrong . Don't ever toy around with a girl's feelings . . . . Don't use her as second string because you didn't get your
  8. Little By Little ;
    21 Feb, 2011
    Little By Little ;
    I’m starting to figure out who I am . I found out a lot in the past months . I bottle up my emotions because I’m afraid of confrontation . I literally love to be alone , but I don’t feel alone . Its just how I was raised . I am the middle sibling . My brothers are in the same age group . So when I played with my toys , I played alone . When it was time to eat , I ate alone . I did everything alone since I was a young girl . I love my privacy and dislike when people ask me questions about my
  9. Insecurities ;
    14 Feb, 2011
    Insecurities ;
    It's always the prettiest people who are painfully insecure . Always trying to look their best - now and days , it's all about being super skinny and absolutely beautiful . & people ( boys ] don't realize that it isn't easy . It's not easy being sexy and good looking . It's actually the hardest thing of all . Most girls don't wake up and look beautiful as they do when they go out . I'd be damned if i was that lucky . Most girls have to work their way up to what they think is beautiful . ( They
  10. Girls ;
    10 Feb, 2011
    Girls ;
    Mistake Infatuation for Love . Some girls don’t realize that their 18 year old boyfriend or older is probably just using them for sex . Why would an older man ever date a middle schooler ? & you should know better than to brag about having sex around school . What’s so cool about getting pregnant and dropping out of school ? I still don't understand that . You girls need to understand that those guys are just horny people who can’t get girls their age , so they aim for young , innocent girls
  11. My CRAZY Adventure on 12.23.2010
    24 Dec, 2010
    My CRAZY Adventure on 12.23.2010
    So I decided Wednesday that I should spend the night at my friends : Maiah & Brianna's house ( bad idea . ) , lol . Yesterday I woke up at noon because we stayed up all night long making YouTube videos and playing freakin’ LIFE (: , ahhhh ; gee shiit . . . . but anyways , we’re all awake and their mom calls us & is like :  " i need you girls to walk to Walmart and get some milk ."  I was like okay whatever , I better be getting my BK after . lmao , so we leave their house and we’re walking out
  12. What's a Girl Suppose To Do ? ;
    19 Dec, 2010
    What's a Girl Suppose To Do ? ;
    When nothing is going right and everything seems completely wrong ? When she gets knocked down again and again , but for once she is finally too weak to get back up ? When she seems like she’s the only one vs. the world ? When she doesn’t understand why the things that happen to her do ? When she is always alone because she’s scared of what her parents will say to or about her next ? When the people she needs to talk to most are never there ? When the only thing she can do is cry to make things
  13. Corol Jade Saeger <3 ;
    16 Sep, 2010
    Corol Jade Saeger <3 ;
    Rest In Peace : Corol Jade Saeger _ 7/23/08 - 9/16/10 . I love you little cousin <3 . You will be missed so much , you were only two ; but you were the most loving and inspirational person I have came across .. You were the true definition of a walking miracle . You will always be in my heart . I’m never going to ever forget you . You’re with god now & you’ll be safe in his arms ; look out for aunty & uncle for me when I can't - everyone loves you Corol & life wont be the same without you ;
  14. Cancer Survivor ;
    05 Apr, 2010
    Cancer Survivor ;
    On October 31, 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. A week and a half before Halloween I was hospitalized at like 3 in the morning due to some really serious stomach pain. I was fine that entire day, like I went to school & then I went to our Barnes & Nobel night at Barnes & Nobel of course because my really good friend was performing for hand-bells & then for chorus & I told her I’d be there for support. I felt perfectly fine, I wasn’t having any stomach pains or anything. Just