1. Thank You ;
    01 Dec, 2015
    Thank You ;
    ​I thank God for protecting me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn’t know I needed .
  2. #openyourmind
    30 Nov, 2015
    Was on facebook earlier today and I came across this post: I really don't understand women who pride themselves on being difficult to deal with. I see post like, "it takes a strong man to handle me." Why do you need to be handled? Are you a zoo animal? The bible talks about good characteristics of a good woman. Being difficult and hard to handle is not one of them.  I see posts saying "a man is weak if he can't put up with me" ... So he is weak because he was looking for a marriage or
  3. 1:13a
    29 Nov, 2015
    Drake , shout out to you right now . You have a song for pretty much every mood , lol . Even though I don't know what mood I'm actually in right now . I guess just thinking about "life" and what not . Shit , I don't know . Really though , you ever just think of a bunch of shit and start tearing up but you have no real idea as to why ?  Yeeeeeaah , that's me right now . weird . I feel like my life is so complicated right now . Like emotionally . School is stressing the shit out of me .. I have to
  4. Reactions ;
    28 Nov, 2015
    Reactions ;
    How a person reacts to your sadness says a lot about how long they're going to be in your life .
  5. Sometimes ;
    28 Nov, 2015
    Sometimes ;
    Sometimes it takes someone else to show you your worth , for you to finally understand and acknowledge what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy .. what to entertain and what to let go
  6. H.O.M.E.
    28 Nov, 2015
    Been stuck inside all day . By choice of course . Well , somewhat . I wanted to go to the beach . Buuuuut , no swim suit -_- So I've been catching up on homework (kind of) And watching tv . Also , helping mama finish up the boy's room since they decided to switch rooms and Isaiah got new furniture . Now , I'm just waiting for the FSU game to come on so I can watch it with daddy . I'm going to go eat .. check back in later . Tata for now !
  7. ISIS ?! ;
    27 Nov, 2015
    ISIS ?! ;
    ISIS blew up a mosque yet they claim to represent Islam ... Yeah , that makes so much sense . ​To date they have killed far more Muslims than any other religious group .. It’s not Islam vs Christianity , nor is it ISIS vs Christians ; it’s ISIS vs the rest of the world . The media’s portrayal of ISIS is simply manipulative propaganda to inveigle the masses into harboring prejudice against Islam/Muslims and thus supporting US imperialism . They’ve duped the entire west into believing the
  8. What's a Black Friday ? ;
    27 Nov, 2015
    What's a Black Friday ? ;
    After working black friday for two years , I am SO GLAD that I'm no longer in retail . God bless everyone who is working tonight . I know your feet are killing you with though 9+ hour shifts . I'm praying for all of you to make it through the night/day . I've only black friday shopped one and I can't stand it . I honestly think it's pointless . The only good thing on black friday is electronics . And even sometimes those deals aren't good . Everything else is just pointless . The best deals are
  9. Holly Jolly Holidays ;
    25 Nov, 2015
    Holly Jolly Holidays ;
    Going home for Thanksgiving tomorrow . I'm excited to see the family . But at the same time I'm not . You know , trouble in paradise , lmfao . Just me trying to avoid my problems .  That's all . I need to go pack .
  10. 50 Shades . . . ? ;
    24 Nov, 2015
    50 Shades . . . ? ;
    Laying in bed listening to Pandora right now . Just finished watching 50 Shades of Grey . All I can say is WOW . I mean I expected it because I read all of the books . . But reading it , and actually seeing it on the big screen ( well little since it was my livingroom ) is two totally different things . Plus , I read the books a couple of years ago when they first came out . So your girl forgot some things. Lol, if they made the movie like the book it'd be rated XXX. Suuuuuuper graphic.  But I
  11. Road Trip ? ;
    23 Nov, 2015
    Road Trip ? ;
    There's nothing I want more in the world right now than to go to Disney World .. Simple as that . Nothing more . Maybe some rainbow sherbet . That would be great too . Ooh , how about some rainbow sherbet at Disney World ! P E R F E C T ! Kiana , you're a genius :) Thats all for now .
  12. You . . . ;
    22 Nov, 2015
    You . . . ;
    I miss you : / Like a lot . I think about you like every day . It sucks sometimes . We don't talk as much as we used to . That sucks too . I guess that's what I get for getting so attached to you . I have nobody but myself to blame . I hope we become close again . If not . . It was fun while it lasted . I have many memories that I will carry on with me .  I'm making myself depressed thinking about you and crap . Why do that to yourself Kiana ? Why put yourself through more disappointment ?
  13. 11/22/2015
    22 Nov, 2015
    10:14 . Finally all settled into my new place . I love it . So spacious . A bigger closet . The bathroom inside my bedroom . This room is nice > So long 835-B .. hello 616-A :) My new roommates are pretty chill . I can fuck with them . They love Storm , so that's a major plus . I mean , who can't love that cutie ?! He's a heartbreaker for sure . They need to make him the office mascot . They'll get so many more leases with him by their side . I love my baby . He's hogging the bed right now . But
  14. PSL ;
    21 Nov, 2015
    PSL ;
    Dinner tonight at Lindsey's place was exactly what I needed . I couldn't have asked for a better night . To be surrounded by my second family . Joking . Eating . Drinking . Playing Cards Against Humanity . Telling embarrassing stories from camp . I'm happy I got a chance to go . I love these people to death . People don't understand why people at my cancer camp , Camp Fiesta  is like family to me . We get each other on a whole new level . I hope we do this more often . I enjoyed it . Hopefully
  15. Bye bye bye ;
    20 Nov, 2015
    Bye bye bye ;
    Just got confirmation that this transfer is actually happening . God has been listening to my prayers . And finally answered one of them . Thank you > I'm ecstatic that I'm getting out of apartment 835 , room B . 616-A here I come ^_^ Here's to a new chapter . To new adventures . New beginnings . New friends . Let's see how this turns out . Sunday .. I'm ready for you .
  16. Birthday Boy ;
    19 Nov, 2015
    Birthday Boy ;
    Chubs turn 13 today ... Man , I am getting old . All my little ones are growing up so fast :'(  But I'm glad he enjoyed his day today . You only turn thirteen once , lol .
  17. -_-
    18 Nov, 2015
    Pissed doesn't even describe what I'm feeling right now honestly . It's 2:01 in the damn morning ! I stepped out of my room to take my laundry out of the dryer . I go to empty the lint into the garbage can , but when I turn around the garbage can is completely gone . Only thing there is the lid . There's a random bitch asleep on my couch . The living room is trash . There's shit everywhere . They didn't even bother putting their wine glasses in the sink . Left them all over the fucking counter .
  18. WTF . .
    18 Nov, 2015
    WTF . .
    Its 12:53 and there are still people in my house who don't even live here . Go home . It's a freaking school night . I have class at 9am . I'm trying to study for this test in the morning and actually trying to go to sleep at a decent hour than normal for me . So I need you all to just shut the hell up and go home . Turn off the lights in the living room and the kitchen and leave . I don't care about the weed brownies . Or the dick you constantly talk about that you don't get . Or how good your
  19. Today ;
    17 Nov, 2015
    Today ;
    Today was a much better day . Even though yesterday's post counted towards Sunday night . I still had a better day then I did at school on Monday . Yesterday was just a long day . MWF are usually just long overall . No worries .. the end of the semester is slowly approaching around the corner . I will be out of school for a whole month . . so I can just sit back and relax for a bit . I really need it . But not in this damn apartment . I refuse . ANYWHO .. today was pretty productive . Even
  20. F M L . . ;
    16 Nov, 2015
    F M L . . ;
    Five simple words . . . I . CANNOT . STAND . MY . ROOMMATES ! Like ugh ! I knew we had problems ... but after this "talk" we had they're so full of crap . Never have I ever been surrounded by so much pettiness . Like its unreal to me . How one week we're out partying and having a good time . To completely not talking to one another . But yet it's my fault . Everything is my fault according to them . Really all I can say is wow . Yeah , I'm hurt . But it's seriously whatever . Thank you LT for
  21. Storm ;
    15 Nov, 2015
    Storm ;
    I got a new puppy today . His name is Storm . The CUTEST thing ever ! He's a black Pitbull and Labrador mix . A couple months old ... not exactly sure . But all I gotta do is ask his previous owners . She'll tell me . He has my heart already . I'm really glad I got him . They say diamonds are a girls' best friend ... Well , they were obviously wrong . Because I sure have found mine <3 .
  22. Untitled . . .
    14 Nov, 2015
    Untitled . . .
    Malcolm is just pissing me off to the max right now . All I want to do is take a nap but he's having an episode right now so that's definitely not going to happen . I swear if he keeps screaming and wakes Evelyn up , oh boy . Honestly , I don't know how they do it sometimes . 13 years . I know it must be tough to deal with a child who is autistic , death and partially blind . I give them a standing ovation for everything they've been through . The sleepless nights . The constant fights to just
  23. Babysitting ;
    14 Nov, 2015
    Babysitting ;
    You know , babysitting a 13 year old boy that is currently going through puberty who also is autistic is the most interesting yet frustrating thing ever .  I've been watching Malcolm since I was 15 . Watching him grow has been incredible . Only 13 years old and he has the strength of a grown man .  Still can't get over that . But I love him . He is actually pretty freaking smart . Communicating with him is probably the most interesting . Since I'm still learning sign language and that's how he
  24. Thoughts of the Day ;
    13 Nov, 2015
    Thoughts of the Day ;
    Today was a pretty decent day . Back in Palm Beach County for the weekend . Babysitting my little brat tomorrow .  But I'm crashing at her place tonight . These people are like my second family . Evelyn is now 8 and I've known her since she was first born . And fat . Oh, I missed her so much . She's an angel but a demon spawn at the same time . Reminds me of myself sometimes .. Oh I love her , lol . I think I'm going out tonight ? I think ? Not quite sure about it yet . We shall see . Listening
  25. Promise To Myself ..
    13 Nov, 2015
    Promise To Myself ..
    I made a promise to myself that I'm going to try to write on here daily again since writing really does help me .  It feels good to just let everything out and not have to worry about what someone else might say . To face their criticism . Rejection . Hurt . Bitterness . It's better for me this way , that's all . Goodnight .
  26. 12AM Thoughts ..
    13 Nov, 2015
    12AM Thoughts ..
    Okay I'm feeling a little better now . A little . That bubble bath was life .  The steam was >>> I wish I could put emojis on here .. I'd add the heart eye emoji . Like four of them . One day they'll make the upgrade . Then life will be complete .  But until then I'll sit here on my bed eating Nerds , on FaceTime with Jalen and finish writing this post . There is so much going on right now .  I'm finally caught up on my school work . Well kind of . Still a little behind in my classwork for
  27. Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts.
    12 Nov, 2015
    Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts.
    I have so much going through my mind right now.  It hurts.  Like I don't even know where to begin .. All this frustration I have built up inside me. I don't handle myself very well when I'm frustrated.  I can't even type this post right without making a spelling mistake .. thank you Google Chrome and your auto-correct for looking out for me.  Why must practically everything go wrong for me at the same time ? No job . I have a C in one of my classes .. about to be two . The guy I'm really really
  28. ...
    12 Nov, 2015
    : /
    31 Oct, 2015
    ​Today ; October 31st 2015 , is my SEVEN year mark since I got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer . . Once you're at your lowest , bald and constantly being pointed at , talked about , stared at ; you learn to not really give a crap about what people have to think about you . Live your life and be who you are . Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars . Even though teenagers live the life of dreamers , that can change all in a split second . I learned so much about myself these past seven
  30. 2AM Thoughts ....
    28 Oct, 2015
    2AM Thoughts ....
    Okaaaay , so I'm back on here ..... Not sleeping or doing my campus involvement paper . Lmfao , but what's new ? As i think about it , I really haven't been involved in that many campus activities . Besides going to class or to basketball , I'm rarely on campus just because . Like really whats the point ? What am I going to do ? I'm a loner .. who doesn't make friends with random people very well . Oh well , I'll be okay . Since I'm up I should be doing something productive honestly . Ooh , I
  31. 1AM Thoughts ..
    28 Oct, 2015
    1AM Thoughts ..
    Another one of those nights again .. Just absolutely a lot on my mind for just no real reason . I went home today .. saw my family ; it was quite nice . No arguments . No hostility . Just good old family loving . I really miss that - actually being able to bond with my entire family . After talking to my parents it has me thinking if I should quit American Eagle or not . I'm like working there but at the same time I'm not .. like I barely get any hours , so if I quit it really wouldn't make a
  32. Energy ;
    20 Oct, 2015
    Energy ;
    Consider becoming the type of energy that no matter where you go , or who you’re with , you always add value to the spaces and lives of those around you ..
  33. New Beginnings ;
    16 Oct, 2015
    New Beginnings ;
    Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated . If they can’t see your true value and worth , then it’s time for a new start .
  34. Your Touch ... ;
    11 Oct, 2015
    Your Touch ... ;
    There is nothing I crave more than your touch .. Gentle and electrifying . The touch I so heavily crave . How all time stops within that moment your fingers carefully graze the surface .  Its like you are writing a novel on my skin . I love … … the way you gently touch me .   My absolute favorite is when you softly and slowly stroke my back .. my god , the chills it always tends to give me . I love … … the tenderness of your touch and how softly your fingers stroke my hands and face . You
  35. Random Thought Of The Day ;
    10 Oct, 2015
    Random Thought Of The Day ;
    I remember on my 3rd grade field trip my class was standing on a hill waiting to go into the zoo someplace downtown , and my teacher said “lets roll out” and I was like oh okay .. So I stared rolling down the hill . . . . I had to hold my teachers hand for the rest of the day .
  36. Things I Overhear At Work ;
    10 Oct, 2015
    Things I Overhear At Work ;
    So today at work I was on my 10 minute break getting a drink out of the vending machine in the mall and next to me where two of the cutest little boys I've ever seen . They're probably 12-14 . Lmfao , I sound like a total creeper , praying on young kids and what not . But no seriously , they were just cute and chunky like one of my younger brothers . And in my opinion , parents are just ruthless nowadays .. letting their children roam around the mall and other places by themselves thinking they