From the moment I was born, I was considered a miracle. Born with a mitral-valve defect and one kidney, the doctors honestly were not even sure that I would even make it out of the hospital. The sands of time flowed steadily as I continued to fight a battle I knew I was not ready to give up. I ended up making it out okay, and up until the age of three, I had to be on extensive medications for my heart until surgery was available. I ended up having heart surgery a little after my third birthday. Ever since that day, my heart became my armor. An armor that reminds me every single day that my purpose, my mission in this world is yet to be fulfilled. 
On October 31, 2008
, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer at the age of twelve. During this brief moment of my life, I started to feel my world crumble and I felt at a constant loss. My body changed, and things were happening that I could not control. I lost my hair and my friends, but what I did not lose was my spirit and strength to keep fighting because I knew better things were coming. After a plethora of radiation and chemotherapy sessions, on February 21, 2010, I was considered cancer free! 
Eight years later, I am now a recent college graduate with so many accomplishments under my belt. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and an Undergraduate Certificate in Women's & Gender Studies. I plan on continuing my education at FIU as I got accepted into the Mass Communications: Global Strategic Communications Masters and the Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building Graduate Certificate program.

God has put me through so much in order to make me a much stronger person then I was before; he has kept me on this earth for a reason and I am slowly learning those reasons as I continue to triumph against every adversity that presents itself. Being a multi-racial Muslim woman, I have experienced many different types of treatment; some better than others. However, I do not want my children and my grandchildren to have to miss out on amazing opportunities or be treated a certain way because there was not someone there before them that was fighting for a change in society. 

Kiana A'Launtra Favors ♥️

Living life to the fullest ...
College is ..
These wonderful 22 years I have spent on earth have taught me to life is too short to not constantly enjoy it.
Don't ever live in the past or regret decesions you've made because in all truths, you never know when you'll be taking your last breath.
So forget the past...it's called the past for a reason.
live for today and live it right .
Continuing to kick cancer's
ass one day at a time!
Totally and completely draining.
Sometimes I feel like I just want to claw my eyes out.
But yet going to college is best thing that has ever happened to me...a once in a lifetime experience that continues to get better and better as new oppertunities arise.
Continuing to better myself and my future every single day .
Florida International University

Criminal Justice (BS) |  Women & Gender Studies (Certificate)

Global Strategic Communications (MS) | Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building (Certificate)
Campbell University
Seminole Ridge Community High School
Biotechnology Academy
  • Biotechnician Assistant Credential